Imagine how beautiful it is standing among thousands of flowers or shining candles. However, not everyone will pay huge money for wedding decorations. To help the couple sort out these painful problems and develop the most detailed wedding plan, Linh Nga will share 5 tips for economical but beautiful wedding decorations in HCM City without external services.

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1. Make use of the existing decorations in restaurant/hotel

Currently, depending on the time you reserve, there will be promotions for the couple. For example:

– Book more than 30 tables – Given 1 gold thread
– Book the package of 4.990.000 VNĐ/table – Given free wedding decoration: gallery desk, backdrop, flower path.

With those offers, you can surely make use of them to decorate the wedding without external services. Thus, make sure that you studio clearly the provided services to know more about the offers, as well as to know the available wedding decorations. That would save your budget, would it not?

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ
Decorating frames are usually provided by the restaurant.

2. Choose a proper avenue

Choosing a place with the concept that both of you are heading to will make the wedding decoration easier. Here are the 3 steps for you to easily choose a suitable wedding restaurant.

Step 1: Determine the expected number of tables. A usual wedding in HCM City will have around 500-1000 guests. Therefore, based on your needs and budget, you can choose a restaurant of the proper size.

Step 2: Locate the wedding restaurant. It could be in the area you are living in. It could be the central area where your guests can come easily.

Step 3: Determine the wedding restaurant concept. How do you expect the hall to be, and what is your top preference. For example:
– The restaurant’s architecture: Modern European, Luxurious Royal, Nature friendly…
– The decoration style: Rustic, Floral, Sparkling, Vintage…
– The restaurant’s key colors: White, Beige, Gold, Navy Blue, Mint Green…

From the list of wedding restaurants, you two have, filter out the ones that have nice and economical wedding decorations in HCM City.

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ












3. Decorate the wedding with dried flowers, silk flowers instead of fresh flower

Decorating the wedding with dried flowers will be more economical than using fresh flowers. Real flowers will not be fresh for the whole day under the weather in Vietnam. Transportation will also be challenging since fresh flowers can be damaged.

The dried flower and silk flower are of various types and colors. From baby, lily, lavender to spreading palm… all available and easy to find. Therefore, you will have more options and ideas for wedding decorations.

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ











4. Decorate the wedding with string lights, small candles instead of complex chandeliers

To effectively save the budget, you can use string lights or candles to decorate the wedding. These are very popular and easy to find materials. You can also reduce the number of decorating flowers and hang up more lights.

In addition, placing candles on the stage and welcoming desk will be so much more attractive. On the other hand, you can still reuse these stuff after the party. For example, use to decorate birthday party, Tet, Christmas.


Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ












5. DIY wedding Gallery

Gallery corner also costs a lot if you hire an external service. However, this is the place where you can prepare by yourself with some suggestions on the Internet.

With the frames, small bulbs, candles, and handmade fake flowers, you can save quite a lot. The most common materials to decorate the gallery desk are candles, flowers, trees, frames, and small lanterns.

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

Trang trí tiệc cưới đẹp, giá rẻ

The 5 tips for economical decoration in HCM City from Linh Nga, surely it would help the couples save a remarkable budget and develop the most detailed wedding plan. Subscribe to Ling Nga to know more little interesting tips for the wedding.