Wedding dress rental

Wedding dress rental service

In many steps of preparation for the big day, choosing the wedding dress is probably when the brides feel confused the most to choose the most beautiful, sparkling and elegant dress for them. To choose a desired dress, the bride needs to be consulted carefully by experienced consultants, who can capture the trends to provide the suitable dress designs which fit the body shape, height and weight of the bride. Which wedding dress rental store is currently the best place for everybody to visit at least once?

Wedding dress rental at Linh Nga Bridal

Current recommended wedding dress service

There are many wedding dress rental stores out there, many of which ask for very cheap price, too cheap that make it unreasonable for a high class dress. But many are still so naive with this mental trap, eventually end up losing time for travelling when they realise the dress is not as good as what was in the ads. So not to waste time and choose the right trusted and professional store, you should listen to other customers or refer to feedback from other websites.

Linh Nga Bridal is exactly the best store for you to refer and choose to rent wedding dresses nowadays. The store is ranked among top 5 most famous wedding dress brands across the country by Marry community. The brands has had more than 4 years of development and going along with many brides, over 400 designs of beautiful dress designed in different styles, high class materials from France and a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staffs. All of those have combined to form the high class wedding dress brand of Linh Nga Bridal, which are widely known nowadays. If you still don’t have enough faith on Linh Nga Bridal as your final destination, let’s refer to these following reasons by which everybody has chosen Linh Nga Bridal.

Reason to choose Linh Nga Bridal wedding dress store

This seems to be the concern of 99% of the brides looking for wedding dress. Knowing your worries, Linh Nga has brought the service of wedding dress ready for rent, help the brides to easily choose the dream wedding dress thanks to:

  • Over 700 dress designs available being designed uniquely by Linh Nga design team.
  • Dress designs are all updated from the world trending style and are always leading in wedding dress trends in Vietnam.
  • Wedding dress at Linh Nga is always designed manually under strict procedure, quality controlled by Linh Nga herself – the author of very hot famous wedding dresses such as: Xoai Non’s dress, Thuy Van’s dress, Khanh Vy’s dress.
  • Bride can easily choose the dress in proper style thanks to the various collections at Linh Nga such as: off shoulder, long-sleeve puff shoulder, puff sleeves.
  • Available dresses at Linh Nga all have the form of puff flutter dress, A-Line, fish-tail, suit for each body shape of the bride.
  • All dresses are made from high-end materials, top class such as: French lace, Chantily lace, Mikado silk, Duchesse satin.
  • Linh Nga is trusted and accompanied by more than 10.000 brides and has completed the “princess mission” for those brides.
  • Many kinds of dress at various prices, allow the bride to easily choose the best dress for their style and budget.

Dedicated and professional consultant team at Linh Nga Bridal will supportively consult and suggest the best dress designs for our customers which will always be a perfect match. Positive feedback from each and every customer after renting or purchasing is exactly the most obvious prove of the reputation and position of Linh Nga on the market of wedding dress nowadays. This has been driving us to improve our services quality in order to serve the brides better.

Wedding dress rental procedure at Linh Nga Bridal

+ Step 1: Booking

+ Step 2: Trial

  • Visit the store as scheduled.
  • Linh Nga Bridal staff will consult you on choosing the dress accordingly to your preferences, shape; also help you to try on.

+ Bước 3: Contract signing:

  • Finalize on the selected dress and pay 50% the value of the contract (deposit to keep the promotional price in Linh Nga Bridal’s promotion campaigns)
  • Take measurements and other requests for the dress, directly mentioned in the contract.

Note: Written in the contract will be benefits of the bride that Linh Nga must guarantee as well as the responsibilities of the bride when using the dress from Linh Nga. Payment has to be completed before the delivery day.

Responsibilities of Linh Nga Bridal:

+ For the bride who has chosen the dress:

  • Staff will customize accordingly to the measurements and prepare the dress 1 week before wedding day so that the bride can try on and double-check the dress.
  • The bride to choose attached accessories such as: veil, crown, necklace.

+ For bride who hasn’t chosen the dress:

  • Linh Nga’s staff will automatically contact the bride 1-1.5 month before wedding day in order to book a date for her to choose the dress.

The contract is valid until the bride finishes renting time at Linh Nga Bridal.

There are many wedding dress rental currently, however, it’s very important to choose the right, quality-assured store for customer. Linh Nga Bridal is exactly the high class wedding dress rental store that you should visit and choose wedding dresses there.

Contact Info:

+ Dress rental Hotline: 0934.718.668 | Consultant Hotline: 0283.933.3736

+ Chat with us: Get Started

+ Stores address:

HCM Branch: 95 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Ha Noi Branch: 14-16 Mai Hac De, Nguyen Du Ward, Hai Ba Trung Ward, Ha

+ See Linh Nga Introduction

Current Wedding dress trends

Following are some trending wedding dress designs, chosen by many brides currently, they are designed in different styles, forms, which can match the requirements of shape, provide the comfortable, cover up the weaknesses of the brides. These are also the hottest collections of Linh Nga up to now, preferred by many, please spend some times to take a look:

+ A-shape dress

+ Waist-squeezed Princess dress

+ Sexy fish-tail dress

+ Off-shoulder wedding dress

+ Sexy cup dress

Sexy cup dress
Sexy cup dress

Popular wedding dress designs

Linh Nga Bridal would like to share with you some of the most popular wedding dress designs on the market which are widely preferred by many brides. These designs are luxuriously designed, combining the modern style with the traditional shade on the high class material which bring the feeling of comfort. Please refer to the wedding dress designs below for more details::

Wedding Ceremony Dress

Wedding ceremony dress
Wedding ceremony dress

◊ Wedding Party Dress


 ◊ Wedding Ao Dai

Wedding ceremony dress

Customer’s Q&A

  1. How much to rent a wedding dress?
  • Wedding dress rental price at Linh Nga Bridal stores is displayed on every product. You only have to check the product’s detail, there will be price tag on it. Our price is very reasonable, suitable for customers, worth the price for the best high class dress made from the best materials.
  1. What colour do we have for wedding dress?

+ Metallic silver colour wedding dress:

Metallic silver colour wedding dress

+ Ruby red colour wedding dress:

Ruby red colour wedding dress

+ Pastel pink colour wedding dress:

Pastel pink colour wedding dress

+ Nude colour wedding dress:

Nude colour wedding dress

+ Pastel colour wedding dress:

Pastel colour wedding dress

+ Silver blue wedding dress:

Silver blue wedding dress

+ Green colour wedding dress:

Green colour wedding dress

+ Pastel blue colour wedding dress:

Pastel blue colour wedding dress
  1. Which dress should the fat (chubby) choose?
  • Choosing an A-shape wedding dress will keep you look fit and highlight your curves. With this simple design, an A-shape dress will make chubby brides more elegant and gentle. Decorating details on the body of the dress make the bride more attractive and outstanding. The plus from an A-shape dress is simple, gentle, elegant but romantic.
  • Choosing dresses with simple decorations, pleated lines running across the body, with small flowers attached. Wedding dresses with lace or decorating details around waist are also a good choice for chubby brides.
  • Choosing dresses with V-neck or designed as camisole which makes your shoulders and neck slimmer and higher. Particularly stay away from dresses with square-neck, which will make you look fatter.
  • Choosing dresses with lace sleeves from half arm to full arm to cover up you big shoulders or your short arms. Stay away from puff-shoulder dresses. Cleverly combine with thin chiffon scarf to cover up your disadvantages if you still want to wear an off-shoulder dress or shoulder-naked.
  1. Which dress should the slim choose?
  • If you have a thin body, not so tall, you should not choose dresses with too long tail, but instead choose the soiree which have the bottom of the dress touching the ground, no long-sleeve. If you have a slim neck or a round shoulder, you should choose shoulder-naked designs and high bun, simple but fantastic.
  • Should not choose too big patterns, which will make you even smaller. A short dress with a pretty bows or lace details across the dress will make you lovely and sexy.
  • With small body shape, materials such as brocade, foam, cotton lace, embossed foam lace, or material with tinsel threads, sunken or embossed patterns are all going to work. These types of material could show the beauty of the bride, you only need to take note on the simple form of the dress body to cover up the disadvantages of yours.
Wedding dress rental

Should you need Linh Nga to answers to other questions, kindly contact us now or send a message to us so that our staff can support your as quickly as possible.