In contrast to the wedding clothes preparation trend in previous years, modern brides has increasingly wanted to own a wedding dress rather than rent one. Because every bride wants to put on the dream dress which is designed dedicatedly and only for her own. With a talented, creative and professional design team, Linh Nga is proud of not only bringing the complete satisfaction to our brides, but also to the others as well.

When ordering, are you nervous and worried how would the dress look like eventually? Are you worried that the dress would not fit you after all? No worries! Choosing the tailor service at Linh Nga, designer and consultant will talk to you to know about your preferences, shape and go on trying the most suitable dress forms for you. You can also order similarly based on the existing designs, or design a dream dress by yourself which you have cherished for you own big day, why not? After choosing the tailor options between for sale and for rent, bride can sign a contract and deposit 30% of the contract, then together with the designer come up with a sketch to start tailoring. With the sketch completed, bride starts to choose the dress fabric as well as the materials for attachment and decoration, deposit 50% at least 1 month in advance from wedding day and measuring day, then start creating the form of shape. With the dress finished, bride will try on the dress once again to adjust accordingly to her wishes. Bride will take part in every stage of tailoring the dress. On the other hand, designers will also give you the most useful advice collected from their years of experience.

Particularly, with rental tailoring, you can rent a set of accessories for free, and receive a set for free when buy tailoring. Please book your appointment via hotline, facebook or website to come and take a look, there are so much more for you. A bride can be perfect only when the dress can highlight her true beauty and only if it suits her own personality. If you can, buy yourself a tailored wedding dress. It would be so much more precious and meaningful.

Besides dress rental, the trend of tailoring dedicatedly-designed dress is also preferred by many brides, for the purpose of showing class as well as owning a unique dress for her own.

Such popular Vbiz brides like beauty runner-up Thuy Van, host Thuy Linh, hot-girl Xoai Non, hot girl Khanh Linh (footballer Bui Tien Dung’s wife), they all own their own dedicatedly-designed wedding dress from Linh Nga Bridal. What makes these wedding dress designs so special to be chosen by many famous brides like that? Let’s find out with Linh Nga, shall we?

The benefits off owning a custom dress

Own a unique wedding dress design, show your class.

Free to come up with ideas of your dream wedding dress

Customizable accordingly to the bride’s body measurements

Choose fabric and materials for you dress as you wish

Advised by Linh Nga designers throughout the process of dress tailoring.

Custom dress tailoring procedures at Linh Nga Bridal

For custom dress, brides should inquire as well as contact Linh Nga 6 months before wedding day to make sure that the dress is completed as its best. And for brides to understand the process of designing, Linh Nga will describe the design process as following.

STEP1: DESIGN CONTULTANCY: Bride will discuss with consultant about shape, dress form which she likes.

STEP2: SIGN CONTRACT: Linh Nga and customers will sign a contract and an agreement to finalize the dress designing process.

STEP3: LEAD DRAWING: Linh Nga designer will make a lead sketch of shape form, material and dress type based on the request of customers.

STEP4: DESIGN APPROVAL: Customers approve the design, material and dress form.

STEP5: COLOR SKETCH: After the bride approves the lead sketch, Linh Nga designer will start color sketching for a better view.

STEP6: SHAPE UP THE DRESS: Linh Nga designer will shape up the approved dress form on the mannequin.

STEP7: DRESS FORM TRY ON: Bride can try on the dress form before attaching. At this stage, bride can ask for adjustment to fit her measurements.

STEP8: COMPLETION: Linh Nga designer will complete the dress (form, attachment) and invite the bride to showroom for pick up. Bride can ask for adjustment until satisfied.

With a strict as well as directly reported procedure of designing, a sparkling dress wedding dress is no long a dream, but will be realized by Linh Nga. Let’s enjoy all the wedding dress masterpieces that Linh Nga has created for the famous brides here.


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