12 of the Most Out-of-box Wedding Venues Out There

Everly at Railroad - Wedding Venue

Wedding Venues – You’ll be glad to know that the United States is home to dozens of unusual wedding locations, so you’re sure to discover one close by if you’re prepared to go outside the box when selecting where to celebrate your nuptials. There are plenty of intriguing places to visit, so don’t feel constrained by conventional ideas of what “is” and “is not” an acceptable scenario. These include spectacular wildlife preserves, stunning greenhouses, and even tasty eateries.

Do we suggest? Consider the setting that makes you feel the most joyful and like yourself, and work your way down from there. We’ve compiled some of the most exceptional choices from coast to coast to help you get started with your quest. Prepare to see some of the world’s most unusual wedding settings!

Oheka Castle – One of the Most Fairytale Wedding Venues

Oakland Cemetery - Wedding Venue
Oakland Cemetery – Wedding Venue

If you don’t get married in a real-life castle, for couples with lavish fairytale fancies, it just isn’t a wedding. This European-inspired home was constructed in 1919 for investment banking tycoon Otto Kahn and is situated on Long Island, less than an hour from Manhattan. Otto Kahn hosted renowned Gatsby-style parties on the property. The grounds, however, are perhaps most recognized for serving as the backdrop for Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video. Before heading to the Grand Ballroom (capacity: 200) or Terrace Room (capacity: 350) for supper, exchange your vows and take pictures in the well-kept gardens. You and your bridal party can also spend the night in luxury thanks to the property’s 32 luxurious hotel rooms decorated in an Old World style.

Everly at Railroad – One of the Most Vintage Wedding Venues

Everly at Railroad - Wedding Venue
Everly at Railroad – Wedding Venue

Wouldn’t it be major to be married in one if you enjoy spending your weekends perusing antique malls? When it’s not used for special events, Everly at Railroad is a 6,000-square-foot vintage boutique with an unusual mix of intriguing secondhand treasures. You can even borrow their pews and seats for the ceremony! The property was once built as a train stop and is located in Tuckahoe, New Jersey, about 30 minutes from the picturesque seaside town of Cape May. Up to 250 of your closest friends and family will join you for supper at long farm tables in the industrial barn, after which you can spend your wedding night at Lokal Cape May or Beach Plum Farm, both of which are close by.

Bok Building – One of the Most Fairytale Wedding Venues

Bok Building - Wedding Venue
Bok Building – Wedding Venue

At this old vocational high school in Philadelphia, one of the most amazing stories of urban reuse in modern America is taking place. Jewelers, furniture makers, interior designers, and other creative small enterprises now occupy the classrooms in this enormous 340,000-square-foot structure, which occupies a whole city block. The rooftop bar and restaurant are also two of the most popular places in the area. You can exchange vows on the roof or on the school’s old auditorium’s stage and then dine and dance the night away in the “Boy’s Gym,” which can accommodate 300 people and still has hardwood floors, and gymnastics rings, and basketball hoops.

U.S. National Arboretum – One of the Most Popular Wedding Venues

U.S. National Arboretum - Wedding Venue
U.S. National Arboretum – Wedding Venue

Try this 446-acre center for botanical research and display in Washington, D.C., for a unique spin on a garden wedding. The park, which has since grown to be the city’s largest private outdoor event venue, started hosting weddings in late 2018, thanks to a new event collaboration. Tented wedding celebrations can take place in a grassy meadow or in the National Grove of State Trees, but the National Capitol Columns are the main attraction. The Capitol Dome was supported by these Corinthian-style columns, which were built in 1828. When it became clear that they could not maintain their weight, they eventually found a resting place in the Arboretum, where they are currently used as a lovely backdrop for wedding pictures and ceremonies with an Ancient Greece theme.

The Neon Museum – One of the Most Stunning Wedding Venues

The Neon Museum - Wedding Venue
The Neon Museum – Wedding Venue

Las Vegas continues to be one of the top destinations for elopements, but not (exclusively) because Elvis will officiate your wedding there. Modern couples are drawn to the area in part because of the picture-perfect ceremony locations, and it doesn’t get more aesthetically stunning than the Neon Museum. An enormous collection of vintage casino and hotel signs from the Strip may be found at this nonprofit outdoor museum, which was established in 1996. Seated dinner for 200 people can be held in the main event space, while smaller gatherings of 70 or fewer people can hire the North Gallery. The location’s 60-minute “Sweetheart Package” allows just enough time for a standing ceremony and photos amidst the sparkle for those who wish to embrace the quickie marriage.

Thorncrown Chapel – One of the Most Minimalist Wedding Venues

Thorncrown Chapel - Wedding Venue
Thorncrown Chapel – Wedding Venue
  1. Fay Jones, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, created this architectural marvel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which was built in 1980. The building was constructed with care utilizing local materials from the state’s northwest, and it turned out so magnificently that it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000. Buildings that are younger than 50 years old are very infrequently given this status. At first look, the 48-foot-high minimalist chapel appears to blend in seamlessly with the natural surroundings, yet 425 windows and air conditioning ensure that a ceremony for up to 100 people can take place without being affected by the weather. (Following that, the Basin Park Hotel and the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa nearby also offer historically significant settings for your event.) It’s important to remember that because Thorncrown Chapel is a part of a Christian organization, all ceremonies held there must be “Christ-centered.”

The George Peabody Library – One of the Most Fairytale Wedding Venues

The George Peabody Library - Wedding Venue
The George Peabody Library – Wedding Venue

The George Peabody Library in Baltimore might be the greatest alternative because you can’t get married at Hogwarts. The five levels of cast-iron balconies, which were initially built in 1878 and soar 61 feet above the ground floor, house some 300,000 books. Bibliophiles will be pleased to know that event proceeds support the upkeep of the collection and founding philanthropist George Peabody’s original goal: to ensure the space stays open for use by the general public. Dinner and dancing for up to 170 people take place beneath a latticed skylight and on top of a black-and-white slab marble floor.

Camp Wandawega – One of the Most Natural Wedding Venues

Camp Wandawega - Wedding Venue
Camp Wandawega – Wedding Venue

Say it with us: wedding, summer, and camp. Is there anything more enjoyable than that? This whimsically decorated no-frills lake lodge in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, is a great option for young-at-heart couples who enjoy the notion of spending a weekend canoeing, sleeping in rustic cabins, and roasting marshmallows over an open campfire. Around 50 people can spend the night in a few cottages, dorm-style lodges, and campsites, but a reception for up to 150 people, which is usually held on an old concrete tennis court, can go on well into the night.

Oakland Cemetery – One of the Most Charming Wedding Venues

Oheka Castle - Wedding Venue
Oheka Castle – Wedding Venue

The 48 acres of meticulously landscaped gardens, distinctive buildings, and rolling hills make up Atlanta’s oldest public park. It also functions as a cemetery. (Margaret Mitchell, author of “Gone With the Wind,” is buried there!) That could sound creepy enough to serve as the inspiration for a Halloween-themed wedding, but it’s not required. The elaborate Victorian-era mausoleums still exude charm, and in the spring, the floral bushes provide an ideal setting for a garden wedding. Exchange vows outside, or go to the on-site greenhouse for a little more protection.

Bear Flag Farm – One of the Most Greatest Wedding Venues

Bear Flag Farm - Wedding Venue
Bear Flag Farm – Wedding Venue

This 33-acre grape estate in Winters, California, which is halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco, blends all the greatest elements of a farm wedding into one opulent Golden State experience. Everywhere you look on the site, orchards, lavender fields, and grapevines create breathtaking natural vistas and picture-perfect ceremony backgrounds. The dinner menus are filled with fresh ingredients produced right from the site, and reception venues can include an amphitheater surrounded by sycamore trees or a tent in the vineyards. Ask about the farm’s Ferris wheel add-on for a dash of playfulness.

Dunton Hot Springs – One of the Most Cozying Wedding Venues

Dunton Hot Springs - Wedding Venue
Dunton Hot Springs – Wedding Venue

A winter wedding’s beauty frequently rests in its intimate size. Cozying up with your loved ones as snowflakes fall from the sky has a wonderfully intimate quality, and when you’re in a remote location, the experience is much more memorable. You can do this by investing in a full buyout of Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs. A rustic resort tucked away in an Alpine Valley in the San Juan Mountains. The open-air chapel offers a Out-of-box wedding venue to say “I do” in the snow, and the former mining town beds up to 44 people in a series of well-appointed log cabins. The remainder of the day can be spent relaxing in the naturally heated mineral pools or enjoying outdoor activities like dog sledging and snowmobiling after the reception in the Dancehall & Saloon.

TWA Hotel – One of the Most Enormous Wedding Venues

TWA Hotel - Wedding Venue
TWA Hotel – Wedding Venue

The retro-chic TWA Hotel at JFK Airport in New York City is the solution if you require the room, comfort, and adaptability of a sizable hotel ballroom but don’t like the appearance of patterned flooring and extravagant chandeliers. Head to the 4,200 square-foot 1962 Room for dinner and dancing after enjoying a cocktail hour in a former first-class lounge or by the outdoor infinity pool overlooking Runway 4. This space will truly lay out the red carpet for your celebration. Your after-party will be held at Connie, a 1958 Lockheed Constellation jet that has been converted into a cocktail lounge and is parked right on the runway. The Howard Hughes Presidential Suite, located upstairs and featuring views of takeoffs and landings, is the ideal place to unwind after the party.

The top-notch Wedding Venues for couples are listed above by Linh Nga Bridal. One of the most significant days in life is a wedding, therefore pick a suitable location for this memorable occasion. Similarly, choosing a suitable wedding dress is also crucial for the wedding day.